Over the years we have made training videos for a wide variety of businesses from care homes to aircraft engineering.

Video is a great way to get your message across to your staff and supplement any written course notes. Thorough planning is vital so that you have all points covered. On screen graphics can be used to highlight and drive important points home.

dog detectives

Dog Detectives on the scent



Case Study

Diabetic Awareness Video

Made for a client responsible for staff training in care homes, this video highlighted the importance of the control of sugar levels in the body  by diet, exercise and insulin injections. Some of the filming was done in a patient’s home adding authenticity to the finished programme. Wide and close -up shots were mixed with on screen graphics and voice -over to fully illustrate the details.

Accuracy is vital for training videos


 How much does it cost?

After we’ve discussed your requirements we will have a better idea of how much filming and editing time is required but these figures give you an idea…..


Suitable for short web interviews and client testimonials.


Up to 4 hours filming- (within a 15 mile radius of our offices)

Up to 1 day editing

PERSONNEL: one person crew

EQUIPMENT: HD filming kit including sound kit

STANDARD PACKAGE  £1295.00+vat

Choose this package for when you require between 4 -6 hours of filming and extra lighting.


Up to 6 hours filming

Up to 2 days editing

PERSONNEL: one person crew

EQUIPMENT: HD filming kit including sound kit and lights



The better option for training videos or for videos with longer scripts


Pre-production meeting Storyboarding and Shot List

Up to 8 hours filming (extra hours pro rata)

Up to 2 days editing (extra hours pro rata – £60 + vat)

PERSONNEL: at least 2 crew

EQUIPMENT: 2 HD cameras, lights and sound kit


 We are very happy to quote for even more complicated shoots over several days and/or where travel is involved.

Even drone filming can be arranged to give you a different perspective on the subject matter!
A pre-production meeting will help sort out the most creative AND most cost effective solution for you.