How a Video Can Benefit Your Company…

Corporate Video is a COST EFFECTIVE means of communicating and can be used to enhance your company’s image, training, presentation and sales potential.

Factory Filming at BM Catalysts

Factory Filming at BM Catalysts

  • Video combines both aural and visual information in a user-friendly format
  • It is an efficient means of reaching a widespread audience via the internet;
  • for the general public or clients to your staff in all your regional centres-even the night shift.
  • Video is cost effective compared to print advertising


  • 96% of people who receive a video in an email click through to the website
  • Video can convey complex techniques and ideas, concisely and precisely. It can be viewed again and again and scrutinised in detail.
  • Take the subject to the audience – If your subject is inaccessible to your audience, show them with video.
    Take them on a guided tour of a distant factory or inside an aircraft cockpit.


  • Information is conveyed with maximum impact and imagination.
    Add graphics, animation and visual effects to enliven and enhance your message.
  • Videos are excellent ice-breakers at business meetings and conferences and stimulate discussion.
  • Your brochure comes to life on screen.
  • Using social media and YouTube as well as your website your video can have a wider audience than you may have thought possible.

Promotional video for Natural Enhancement

Promotional video for Natural Enhancement








Boosting your Sales through Video

  • Video drives extra traffic to your website.

    Video is now searchable against SEO/Google Adwords.

  • 80% of Website visitors watch a video

  • Customer Information about your products and services

From operating instructions to a glimpse behind the scenes of your organisation,
all can be filmed for your online website video.

  • Promotional Videos for Exhibitions & Open-days

Liven up your exhibition stand with a video presentation which attract more visitors and will set you apart from the competition.

  • Tender Presentations

    Launch a contract bid in a way the customer simply can’t ignore!

  • Mass distribution via promotional mailshots

Give the public a free DVD to watch at home to encourage sales and ensure customer loyalty.
Now adopted by Banks, Insurance companies & even the Inland Revenue! ‘

  • In-store promotions

Have a video of your products and services running in a loop in Post Offices and Shops or reception area



Training and informing your staff through video

  • Introduce new personnel to your company

Your corporate aims, infrastructure, methods and clients,

  • Communicate between Head Office and all departments

Disseminate new ideas and approaches, simultaneously to all areas of the company.

  • Train large numbers of people at once or provide an excellent reference guide

Introduce procedures & equipment, company policy & products in an interesting and

imaginative way.

  • Raise staff morale or record those special events

VIP visits and the unveiling of new products or premises. presentation conferences or the AGM

can be circulated or recorded for posterity.


Now you’ve decided you really do need a video,
here’s the Wizard Video Productions
9 point plan for success


  1. Write down a basic list of ideas on paper. Note the messages that you wish to convey, and identify the target audience.
  2. Talk to Wizard about the best way to convert those ideas to video. We will help you plan a structure and a visual style.
  3. Draw some rough sketches (stick men will do) of some of the images you have in mind. If necessary we can use these to produce accurate storyboard
  4. We will help you to write the script – don’t forget, pictures are powerful – you may not require a lot of commentary.
  5. Facts and figures can also be conveyed as graphics, captions or titles.
  6. Decide on your locations and which staff might be involved. Plan the logistics of the filming day to help smooth the shoot. We will be there to help.
  7. Fix the shooting date to suit all parties and try to enjoy it. We’ll ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Remember – it is easy to update the finished video if new products are introduced, a change in practices is implemented or facts and figures alter.
  8. Visit us and watch the editing process to see that our realisation of the project matches your expectations.
  9.  Sit down and enjoy the finished video! Use it to promote your business and to work for you.